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Mobile Marketing

Our mobile websites are designed with customer intentions in mind. An effective website is one that quickly provides visitors with critical information about your business, making it easy and fluid for potential customers to contact you. Making things like contact information available to the visitor at a touch of a button is what makes a website produce customers.

Large buttons and easy “touch” navigation are critical to prompting action on the phone. Easy “contact” function , click-to-call, easy email, map and V-card buttons is what makes our mobile sites so effective.



Customized Websites


Building a website is not just about looks; it’s about making the page work for you. Our custom websites turn browsers into customers, turn clicks into calls, emails to purchases, and make your client engagements more effective for your business. Flight offers strategy, design, coding, programming, and much more for ANY type of website, on all platforms and devices, and we are with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the best site for your business & your customers. Flight ensures that we are the “one-stop shop” for your customized desktop and mobile website needs.


Desktop websites act as a  “digital” storefront for your business, and more often then not, are one of the first places customers & prospects look when checking out a business. Having a website that not only looks great, but actually makes you money should be a top priority for every business owner. Studies show that a website has approximately 10 seconds of a customer’s attention.

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Complete Managed Accountability

Bundling together multiple services from Flight Creative Agency allows clients to have the services they need from one place, managing different marketing aspects to ensure that business goals are being met and/or exceeded.

Flight Creative Agency provides our clients with the flexibility to obtain the services that they need, at the level of involvement they need. Our customers have the option of being completely engaged in the entire process, or allowing our team of professionals to get the job done quickly and independently.




Get the Results You Need On Google and PPC

Search engine marketing (or S.E.M.) is a popular but often misunderstood method of driving traffic to your website. Purchasing and placing an advertisement that is targeted to a specific audience is a great way to grab the attention of the customers that your business needs. The main issue that business owners and marketing professionals overlook is the effectiveness of each campaign. It is a common mistake for business owners to set up a campaign and assume that it is generating results without actually tracking the views and customers that it is generating.

Flight Creative Agency provides dedicated S.E.M. campaigns with keyword research, ad design & setup, re-marketing services, and recommendations on the S.E.M. platforms that work best for you. Ensure that you and your business are getting the results that you’re paying for with Flight.


3 important words: Return on Investment. R.O.I. is something that every business owner thinks about, so when you’re paying for advertising through Google AdWords, re-marketing & BBB, ensure that you are receiving the return you need.



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